Figuring Out What Business to Start

This is one of the toughest decisions to make. I know a lot of people who want to work for themselves but have no idea what to do. I start off by asking what their interests are and begin brainstorming but it doesn’t always help. Many people start off trying a ton of different things before they figure out how they want to work for themselves.

Sometimes you end up working for yourself out of necessity. For example, in my last job, I was stressing out to the point where I felt completely miserable when I stepped through the doors. I really enjoyed the people I worked with but the deadlines, the work, and commute was starting to take their toll on me. After almost 5 years of working there, I resigned.

Making that decision allowed me to begin freelancing doing the same work but now for myself, working at home, and choosing who I want to work with. So how do you decide what to do for self-employment?

Turn a Hobby into a Business

This is one of the most common ways many people become self-employed. They take what they do for fun and turn it into a business. Now that starting an online store is easier than ever, most people can get started really fast. There is also good ol’ eBay to get instant traffic and customers.

Start Out of Desperation

In some cases, some people have no choice but figure out a way to make money. It could be due to loss of a job or simply needing more income. Many times, these desperate situations lead to success because the person is forced to work hard on their own business.

Working Online Part-Time

This still remains one of my favorite ways to be self-employed. I feel anyone who already spends a lot of time online should consider making money online. Ways to do this include affiliate marketing, making money with blogs (affiliate sales, ppc, ads), and many other methods. It just seems too easy not to attempt to earn income this way.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing better known as network marketing is one of the fastest ways for someone to start their own business. I am involved with it myself by being a Beachbody Coach and it has been an awesome experience. I earn money and truly like the products the company provides.

Turn a Personal Experience into a Business

I have one client who became very sick as a young adult. He vowed to himself that he would take his health seriously and turned to herbal medicine. He studied it and became an expert. Eventually he began creating his own herbal products and selling them. Now he has a full-time business, employees, and does something he loves which is spreading the message of health and healing.

If you’re stuck trying to figure out what type of business you want to create, take some time to yourself and discover what makes you happy. Chances are, you really can turn what you love into a business. Test what it is you want to do. A good place to do that is selling on eBay, offering samples to friends, and asking what they would change, etc. If you’re starting a service based business, offer free services to people to build up a clientele.

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