Another Reason to Quit Your Job

While the list of reasons for quitting a job can be long for any disgruntled employee, the following reason is probably one that can push you over the edge. At least it would be for me:

Discovering your job or one similar to it, on an online job board posted by your current employer, with a salary significantly higher than what you earn now.

What it Could Mean for You

I’ve seen this happen too many times and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are doing a horrible job or that you will be fired when the new person is hired. In the cases I’ve witnessed, it was just a matter of needing more help, however, pay rates had increased since you were hired for your job.

Why it is such a bummer (besides the obvious that you are now under payed for the same job) is because your employer didn’t consider promoting you in order to receive a higher salary.

What You Can Do About It

If fighting for a promotion or pay increase doesn’t work, or you simply are fed up and don’t want to try, quitting is probably the best thing. After all, why continue to work at a place where you are severely under appreciated? Before you take the plunge, you have to think smart. If you feel it is absolutely necessary to quit your job right away, at least begin sending out your resume to land a new job.

If you can wait it out (which can work out better for you), begin saving up for at least 6 months worth of salary or more. This will help get you by if your self-employment efforts don’t go exactly as planned. While you continue with your current job, begin planning out how you are going to go it on your own. Some quick options can include:

  • Using your skills to start your own business
  • Becoming a consultant and earn money for your expertise
  • Researching development for a product that you can market and sell online
  • Creating information products pertaining to your skills that you can sell online
  • Study and become certified for an entirely different career all together

There is always risk involved when taking off on your own, but I can tell you, it is worth it when you have succeeded. Even if you take a short break before getting another job, you will learn more about yourself, your happiness, and what is more important in life, than ever having stayed at a job you disliked. I’ve felt more creative and have learned so much about the opportunities to earn income on the internet alone.

I doubt I would have discovered what I have had I not left. I ended up interviewing at a company that led me to discovering the potential of internet marketing. I didn’t get that job (thank goodness) and now I have finally found something that I love to do and I can earn income at the same time.

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  1. One of the best things about quitting a job to become self-employed: you have more job security! I have friends who know that at any time they could be asked to clean out their desks.


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