Pros and Cons of 3-Way Calling in Network Marketing

I have only been active in network marketing since June of 2009. I have read different articles and viewpoints on some of the ways to attract leads as well as communicating with them. The 3-way conference call is a common method that many network marketers use in their business. The way I understand it to work is as follows:

  1. You have a new prospect who wants more information.
  2. Rather than explain everything yourself, you invite them on a 3-way call with you and your sponsor.
  3. On the call, you introduce your lead to your sponsor and let your sponsor do all of the talking.
  4. Call ends and you follow up with your prospect to sign them up or provide more information.

The Pros

This technique has its advantages. First, it takes the pressure off of you if you are new to the business and still need training. Your sponsor does all of the talking while you listen in and soak up more knowledge. You learn how to answer people’s questions so when it’s your turn to lead a call, you will be better prepared.

Second, your prospect will likely feel more comfortable about their decision since they are speaking to their future team members. They have all of their important questions answered and hopefully, feel no pressure about joining.

Third, you get to learn more about your lead and their “why” behind their interest in the business. You also open the lines of communication so that they are more comfortable about approaching you about any of their concerns.

Fourth, a new prospect is more likely to join your organization after talking with you and your sponsor. The trust factor is in place and the curiosity factor is satisfied.

The Cons

Unless you have a good sponsor, you may be left searching for him/her when it comes time to set up a call. The longer you leave a prospect waiting, the higher the chances they will not be interested in what you have to say.

It is not the easiest method to duplicate. Not everyone is comfortable with speaking on the phone. When it is your turn to do the talking for those on your team, you may not feel comfortable doing it. The same goes for your team members. They may not want to do 3-way calls, yet they may feel it has to be done if you train them this way.

Another reason is that you are left to depend on your sponsor to do the talking every time you acquire a new lead. Even though your business is in network marketing, it is still your business. Shouldn’t you be the one presenting your business to your leads?

My Personal Experience

Luckily, I have a great sponsor and he is very receptive to 3-way calls. He presents the business very well and I have learned a lot from our phone calls. I don’t see 3-way calls as a bad idea. You have to try them yourself and see if it is something that works well in your own business.

What do you think? Have you used 3-way calls in your network marketing business?

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