Why You Should Create Your Own Info Product Ebooks

If you enjoy making money online, you may want to consider creating your own information products to sell. I’ve created several information products in ebook (pdf) form that I’ve used to build lists as well as to earn income.

There are many reasons why I like creating information products:

Cheap to create – Mainly all it requires is your time to write them unless you outsource the writing to someone else.

No shipping – Unlike selling physical products, there is nothing physical to ship. Customers are sent a download link.

Get creative – You can be as creative as you want and include not only the ebook but videos, audio programs, and screencasts.

Sell at any price you want – You are not limited to what price you want to sell your products for. Most ebooks can sell for 3 times more than an average paperback because of the specific information and niche being targeted.

Long term business – You can brand yourself and create as many info products as you want. Your products can sell for years and years so long as you market them.

Don’t Underestimate Yourself

You may immediately think you have nothing to offer in terms of information or that there is no way anyone would buy your product. I used to be the same way but I took the chance anyway. There are lots of marketers out there that sell ebooks in niches you probably wouldn’t think make money.

Most of the time these marketers do not write these ebooks. They outsource the writing and stamp their name on it. They act as book publishers rather than experts in the particular topic. If you have information people want that helps them to solve a problem, you will make sales. When I released my recent “Quick Start Leads!” guide, I made a sale the very next day and that was from advertising on one of my blogs.

Things You Will Need to Create and Sell Info Products

Topics – You will want to research niches and the problems within those niches to get ideas for an info product. You can also put together something you are already knowledgeable in. Another quick way to create a product is to interview an expert on the topic and create an audio program, ebook, or both.

Word Processor – Word (PC) or Pages (Mac) are good enough to do your typing in. If you don’t have access to either, Open Office is an open-source productivity suite that offers word processing, spreadsheets, and more for free.

PDF Converter – I use a Mac and it comes with a free PDF creator. PC folks can purchase Adobe Acrobat or search for free PDF creators online.

Web site – It doesn’t have to be a massive website. A single page, basic with sales copy is all you really need. This can be outsourced as well or you can find templates online that can be easily modified and uploaded to your web server. You can even use WordPress to set up a basic site.

Payment Processor – There are tons of them online but I like to use E-Junkie to sell digital products like ebooks. It works with PayPal as well as other online merchants. Rather than placing your ebook on your server (where it can be downloaded for free), E-Junkie will host it for you and take care of the payment processing and sending the file to your customers.

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