Gene Simmons’ Money Mindset

I started watching Gene Simmons – Family Jewels on A&E and have become a big fan. Besides his love for his family, I find his love for making money funny and at the same time very motivating. For instance, on tonight’s episode, his daughter Sophie wanted the family to go camping for her birthday. Gene being the entrepreneur that he is, found a way to go camping and make money from it at the same time.

Instead of the family driving to Big Bear in their SUV, Gene arranged for a RV that was plastered in a big advertisement for a male enhancement product. He was able to earn $25,000 from that which paid for their camping trip and then some. If you read some of the fan letters on his web site, you will also find his response to some of them which I found quite interesting.

It seems that money isn’t really the driving force but the fun in accumulating it and primarily to provide a very comfortable life for himself and his family. While he does earn a majority of his money from marketing the KISS brand, he is definitely smart in how he goes about it.

His book Sex Money Kiss received some very positive reviews from readers about his philosophy on money. If you watch Gene Simmons – Family Jewels you’ll get an inside glimpse into Gene’s money mindset. In my opinion, he rocks!

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  1. Hey I wanted to know how I could go about doing something like gene simmons did on that episode. Was he just able to do it because he was famous or could I do something like that?


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